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Work Comes to People
(NetworkWorld, November 2002)

In the end, let's take a look at a slim product from adisoft just as a contrast to those relatively expensive mobile office applications from Cisco and Siemens. MOBILEmanager® is a client/server application that interfaces external workstations to corporate networks in a variety of different ways: mobile radio technologies such as GSM, the general packet radio service (GPRS) or using a modem or ISDN for fixed networks. Users then have applications available in the corporate network that are attached to TCP/IP, for instance Notes/Domino and Outlook or host emulations.

  The manufacturer states that one highlight of MOBILEmanager® is the fact that it's a pure software application, meaning it is not necessary to re-configure existing LAN and VPN connections or routers or their equipment to the access points. A MOBILEmanager® server is installed in the corporate network between the router and firewall and the corresponding client is installed on the terminals of the mobile workers. Multiple-stage user authentification makes sure that the data arrive at the right address. You can use either a user ID, a password or the serial number of the client or terminal. A firewall built into the server uses these data to establish what computer the client may access in a local network or VPN.