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Enhanced Data Compression
(IT-Banker 01/2001)
„Regardless of the communication service, companies can scale down their transmission costs with the latest version of ‚MOBILEmanager®'. Transmission is as much as 25 times faster due to enhanced data compression. The new MOBILEmanager® software version is a highly flexible IT application. It allows users reliable and efficient access to applications and data from corporate networks regardless of your location based upon a patent pending protocol specially developed for radio networks. Once configured, it not only allows you to use applications through the fixed networks at home, but also with mobile applications without having to change settings.
  User acceptance is also heightened by the fact that it is easy to use and there are numerous security features such as user identification, individualised access authorisation, client serial number check and caller number check. The new version allows the user to double transmission speeds on the average, thus cutting costs in half. This augmented performance comes from enhanced data compression and other forms of protocol enhancement. Laboratory tests have shown that compressed HTML pages are transmitted four times faster on the average and the augmented third parties rate is even more apparent with text documents. MOBILEmanager® 4.50 transfers Word documents as much as 25 times faster.”