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Applications for mobile Finance Management
The Karlsruhe-based adisoft AG is showcasing technologies for homebanking, on-line brokerage and communications and the UNIFIED BANKING product family includes homebanking on-line brokerage on a client/server basis. It encompasses a server allowing individually adjustable access to the essential control functions in the form of an internet platform and supports terminals such as PCs, notebooks, pocket PCs, handhelds and SMS/WAP mobile phones.

  It can operate the banking server in the supplier's computer centre or as an ASP application. Beyond this, adisoft also introduced the „MOBILEmanager®” that allows access to applications and data from competence networks regardless of your location and independent of the communication service used (GSM, HSCSD, GPRS, ISDN or dialling into internet): The manufacturer says it can double the transmission speed on the average via data compression and protocol enhancement. On the client level, the MOBILEmanager® supports all current Microsoft operating system versions including WindowsCE, Palm OS and Linux."