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Where MOBILEmanager® Can be Used

The following examples show you all of the areas where you can derive benefits from MOBILEmanagers®:

Client Consultation and Finalising Contracts

MOBILEmanager® shows you how to augment sales dramatically. Having your entire corporate infrastructure at your fingertips including data and applications at client sessions can help you augment the quality of field consultation and boost the number of contracts signed. Mobile consultants have the same access to the corporate network when they're visiting customers or working at the company. They have the latest client data and current product information at their disposal, allowing headquarters to examine offers on-line while they're visiting the client.

This would mean you can give the client a contract to sign instead of just an application form. Beyond this, the direct exchange of data from the consultation with headquarters and directly passing on new accounts relieves your company's back office of a major workload. Having the latest sales data for the Controlling Department also scales down costs and enhances planning processes while reducing times required for reacting to changes.

Managers on Business Trips

Everybody who takes business trips knows how unproductive waiting times can be. You would be much more productive if you were in contact with the company network either to retrieve the latest information or react to current happenings. MOBILEmanager® allows you convenient and reliable access to your corporate data whether you're in the train, at the airport or in the hotel. That keeps you in tune with the day's events so you can act where necessary to boost your efficiency.

Flexible Workplaces

Home office workstations have a major potential for cutting costs. What you need is an effective way to interface external workstations while guaranteeing that home workers have the same working environment available as at the company. MOBILEmanager® streamlines the interface to the corporate network for external workstations while scaling down connecting costs. It also allows mobile workers reliable and convenient access to the corporate network at any time, no matter if they're home or on the road – and at favourable conditions. And you don't have to do any time- consuming configuration.
  Fail-Safe IT Infrastructure

When installed on a router system MOBILEmanager® recognizes failures on the fixed-line network connectivity, e.g. operational gateways, proxy functionalities or network operator problems. MOBILEmanager® will automatically choose a fall-back routing and your applications will continue to communicate.

M2M - Reliable Machine Interaction

Especially in IT scenarios without human interaction the reliability of the data connectivity and transport has high impact on the business processes. Thinking about production environments and use cases for autonomous metering and open loop controls in car-to-X communications or in industry 4.0 applications we find the highest business potentials where mobile IT networks are applied. The MOBILEmanager® software is the ideal component to provide reliable and secure data connections for business processes like this.