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ALLIANZ   Sales Control – Allianz/AGIS, Cologne
Their sales workers have on-line access to the applications of the IBM 3270 hosts including the Oracle database, intranet applications and email.
Deutsche Bahn   Transport and Logistics
DB Informatik-Dienste GmbH/Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin/Frankfurt. The German Rail puts its faith in MOBILEmanager® technology in its new ICE3, ICT-ET and VT605 generation trains for radio transmission of train data to provide just-in-time preparation of maintenance work in German Rail's repair docks. This allows the German Rail to provide extensive preparation for repair work made necessary by train stoppage at an early stage. The MOBILEmanager® middleware guarantees safe and reliable mobile data transfer even under the most extreme conditions of high-speed trains.
Deutsche Messe AG   Trade Fair Administration – Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover.
The fair grounds of the Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover, Germany are very expansive, but their employees are always in touch with Office applications and databases of the local network Messegesellschaft by using MOBILEmanager® with mobile phones (via the GSM network), ISDN or modem. This project was launched together with Fujitsu Siemens to ensure reliability, stability and security for Deutsche Messe's workers when working at remote locations.
e.dis   Utility Companies – MEVAG Märkische Energieversorgung AG, Potsdam.
MOBILEmanager® makes sure that its technical field service has a reliable and secure mobile connection to the company mainframe using radio data transmission and standard PC applications alongside of MEVAG's individualised applications.
MSWIA   Official Agencies – The Polish Ministry of the Interior (MSWIA).
The Polish Ministry of the Interior uses adisoft's communication software MOBILEmanager® in national and international projects. For instance, MOBILEmanager® provides mobile data transmission to the Polish passport offices. The Polish Ministry of the Interior has a strategy for maintaining maximum international standards when manufacturing forgery-proof identification papers and passports in Poland . The German Federal Bureau of Investigation has examined it and the European Union's Permanent Committee of the Ministers of the Interior has recommended it as a security prototype. A total of 2,500 Polish cities do local recording of personal data for persons requesting identity papers and transfer the encoded paperwork to the headquarters where the data can be integrated into passport documents after processing.
SIEMENS   OEM and VAR Partner – Siemens AG, München.
Since 1996, Siemens has been selling MOBILEmanager® under the name SMCS (Siemens mobile communication system) under a VAR convention. adisoft's product adds the overall hardware and software applications for private and public networks. The universal remote access function of Siemens products connects up to the completely reliable and secure data transmission via radio or other networks.
Vestner   Vestner Aufzüge GmbH & Co KG.
Vestner Aufzüge GmbH & Co KG, a lift manufacturer based in Garching near Munich , has upwards of 6,000 clients throughout Europe . adisoft's job is to connect up field workers with the mainframe via MOBILEmanager® to allow secure and interruption- free mobile access to Outlook and Oracle databases.