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RemoteFlash - Building Services Engineering

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Intelligent building management concepts for office buildings, shopping mals and as well in private homes and flats are meant to decrease energy consumption, raise the security level and to provide higher comfort and economy of time by means of process automation and handling. Cooperating electronic control units meter, control, diagnose and manage a dynamic overall status of the considered place, and for that purpose they exchange data with eachother. Controllers herein are responsible for the data flow between control centers, detectors, and sensors/transmitters.

Modern process control engineering is quite multifaceted. Elements need control and must be managed in dependance of eachother may, for example, be

  • lighting installations,
  • building services management,
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems (airing, pumps, heating),
  • energy schemes (pot. with integrated load control),
  • access control systems and
  • burglary prevention devices.

In private home environments room temperatures could be cut down during the night for cost saving purposes. Of course, personal use cases must be observed, e.g. TV sets must be shut down and time should not be before 22:00 o'clock in the evening when turning of the heating automatically. Perfectly timed before wake-up time heating will be reactivated to provide the desired daytime temperatur. Of course, this is just an example that illustrates applications; time-controlled additional components enlarge the figure, e.g. 
jalousies/blinds (depending on daylight), the coffee machine (when the shower has been used and is turned down), phone call rerouting (after closing the front door), etc.

In property management there are even more applications for controller systems and their interworking. E.g. in security systems and energy management:
Netowrked locking systems and master-keyed systems may allow allow access for cleaning service personal by fingerprint only plus restrictions to certain certain time frames and allowance for particular parts of a buildings/rooms. Sensors at windows and doors inform about status and status changes in their positions; closing or opening may invoke defined actions automatically. In cases of an alarm complex process chains will be activated.
Overloads in the energy  cycle are prevented by feedback control of all connected appliances, and freezes might be managed in their energy consumption depending on the time period back to the last opening event and the current filling level.

Building engineering is a complex task that nowadays incorporates a modular and extendable network of interworking controller units. Often high costs for maintenance are raised in such complex networks where each component must rely on the others. All control units more or less dependent on others, and it is most important to have all controllers fulfill the latest state of the art. Thus, it is a clearly understood demand that controllers must be updated to new, corrected software on demand. New formal definitions may require changes on the controllers as well. And so, this maintenance process typically takes a lot of money for technical personal on side.

The adisoft solution for SmartHome and SmartBuilding applications enables mobile software distribution to real-time controller networks by means of a special and secure wireless data transmission mechanism. Concurrent and "silent" software updates can be run and controlled by a central backoffice update unit for all concerned controller devices. No technical service is required on-site any more. The delivery of the software updates is carried out via some available wide-area network, e.g. available cable networks and/or mobile and wireless networks like WiFi, WiMAX, UMTS/HSDPA, GPRS, CDMA2000 or GSM.  The design of this innovative remote maintenance solution based on mobile networks covers all specific requirements from highly secured data transfer up to real-time flash updates and roll-back to earlier software releases in case of errors during automatic system checks.

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