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Encryption of
                      cell phone calls / Protection against tapping
Today, data exchange via public networks for sure requires some kind of security policy in business environments, and such policies certainly cover data encryption. Quite common are mobile middleware systems such as adisoft MOBILEmanager®, VPN clients, email signatures, etc. But, what can be considered as common understanding in security for data transmissions has not yet been overtaken into cell phone calls yet.

This fact is quite astonishing since it is well-known that mobile networks' / GSM voice encoding is a very weak protection which, in addition, is not under the control of the user but the service provider. in cases of heavy network load this encryption will even be disabled all together. Thus, it requires just minimum efforts to tap mobile calls.
An effective protection against tapping of mobile phone calls is given by the use of strong end-to-end encryption.

KaiKrypt® is such a powerful security solution. It has been developed for those mobile phone users who identify the protection of their own privacy and/or data as being important. The reason for it is easy to understand: unadmissable use of tapped information may end up in a mess - at least it will cause recognizable harm. The software KaiKrypt® provides additional protection for people that have to handle and communicate private, non-disclosed or otherwise important information outside protected offices, and especially in mobile wireless networks.


  KaiKrypt® is a plain software solution that encrypts voice calls at the highest level of protection. And, KaiKrypt® does not demand additional or proprietary hardware such as SD card controllers or unsuitable special equipment. Applied for standard market-available mobile phones or smart phones, KaiKrypt®  guarantees tapping-free encrypted voice calls within all common mobile networks (WLAN, LTE, UMTS/3G, EDGE, GPRS). Even conference calls are enabled and protected the same way.

  • Supported Platforms:
    • Android
    • Apple iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch 3G)
    • Windows Mobile
    • Symbian
    • Desktop / Notebook Versions (Windows, Apple MacOS X, Linux)
    • Blackberry, Web-Client (projected)