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MOBILEmanager® Makes Business Sense!

MOBILEmanager® slashes you communication expenditures while being easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures for next-generation applications.

Connection Management — Crash Recovery

The crash recovery function (meaning automatically resuming data transmission after a breakdown) also helps scale down transmission times since data transfer is resumed right where is was interrupted after a breakdown. MOBILEmanager® dynamically adapts itself to the quality of the connection while streamlining data communication.
"Keep Alive" data packets to hold up your sessions are no longer needed when running MOBILEmanager®.

Connection Management
— Automatic Dialing using the best-suited Carrier Network

MOBILEmanager® continuously checks network availability and quality. It will always pick the best-suited way to transmit your data. Whether a certain provider is preferred because of good tarif plans, or whether bandwidth is mor eimportant than costs, or whether security demands force the use of encrypted WiFi hotspots, ... individual profile settings define you personal communications handling.

Connection Management — 100% Reliability and Data Integrity

The patented data protocol in MOBILEmanager® guarantees that you will never experience any loss of data or data integrity due to network congestions, drop-outs or switching between different networks. All active application sessions will be kept alive and they will continue transferring the pending data automatically without large overhead due to retransmissions.
  Future-proof Investment and Flexibility

MOBILEmanager® integrates all market-introduced communication data networks, and it is continuously under development to adopt to any new technology. New (mobile) technologies become transparent for your IT infrastructure.
At the same time your are freed from dependencies on specific provider offerings. Swap your IT network infrastructure whenever you want and choose any new partner you feel being appropriate. MOBILEmanager® serves for complete transparency for your IT infrastructure.
Thinking about the market introduction of the so-called E-SIM card this feature of MOBILEmanager® offers unexpected  dimensions.

Easy to Integrate it into Existing IT Infrastructures

MOBILEmanager® makes it possible to use standard applications such as Lotus Notes, MS- Outlook, host emulations, Internet browsers and applications using the standard network protocol TCP/IP for external application without making any changes. Thanks to the central configuration and administration, users of MOBILEmanagers® can focus their full attention on their core business.

Homogenous User Help Desk

With MOBILEmanager® you can run the same IT application software in the back office and in the front office or field forces. Everyone is always now and different carrier networks and technologies are completely hidden from the help desk.  All analysis of user tickets become independent of the data communication technology used. MOBILEmanager® unifies this level and allows to abstract from nitty gritty bits and bytes.
Unambigious status information provide hints where in the application data transmission flow a potential problem can be identified. Taking current statistics for granted, TCO (total cost of ownership) for IT devices is still raised significantly when it come to mobile IT usage, MOBILEmanager® provides obvious cost savings.

Data Compression

The data compression technique used by MOBILEmanager® allows you to scale down transmission times by as much as 30 % to 90 % when transferring files (depending upon the file format).

Streamlining Connection Times with the Short-Hold Mode

The supported short-hold mode in MOBILEmanager®  reduces physical connection times by a factor of 1:8. If time-based tarif plans are applied you will see the results on you monthly invoices.